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Develop world class HMI applications in .NET and web environments


Everything you need to build world-class SCADA, HMI, .NET, and Web Applications quickly. Without touching a line of code!

HMI Application Development  .NET and Web

Open Automation Software hands developers the tools needed for creating powerful .NET, web and mobile HMI applications featuring real-time trending, alarming and event management.

As a seasoned HMI app developer or system integrator you will immediately appreciate OAS’s focus on open data formats and providing programmatic access to OAS controls. Even without coding you can  create useful applications using ‘One-click’ setup features and wizards.

Developers can work in full-featured IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Blend and Xamarin Studio. PCL support makes developing cross platform mobile apps much easier.

Implementation pathways

  1. On demand, do it yourself implementation
  2. Hire OAS to implement a defined project
  3. Hire OAS to implement a defined project  +  customized configurator

Application Development tools:

  • All products designed from the ground up using open standards and architectures.
    • Focus on open connectivity means HMI/SCADA systems built on OAS are easy to develop, deploy, and maintain
    • OAS sidesteps expensive legacy technologies that leave process data locked away in a proprietary format
    • Develop your HMI solutions using open, non-proprietary technologies.
    • Open, programmatic access to all OAS controls, data and communications components
  • Supported IDEs
    • Work in a full-featured IDE that you’re most used to:
      • Microsoft Visual Studio
      • Microsoft Blend
      • Xamarin Studio
    • All components are 100% managed
  • Support for a full range of technologies and programming languages

    • OAS products support the full range of .NET languages including C#, Visual C++ and VB.Net.
    • In the .NET environment all WPF applications are screen resolution independent.
    • OAS Web HMI products are built on standard web technologies and will suit development in any web development environment including ASP.NET, .NET MVC, Rails, PHP and JSP.
  • Develop cross platform HMI apps using Portable Class Libraries
    • Using an IDE like Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio you can develop HMI apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps all from the one project.
    • Use a PCL to create a single project within Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio and select those mobile platforms you want to target.
  • Dedicated developer and partner network means your queries are resolved quickly, helping you to keep your project moving.
    • Extensive Knowledge Base
    • Demos
    • Videos
    • Examples and code snippets

Non-programmers can use Open Automation Software ‘out of the box’ to develop useful SCADA applications – all without touching a line of code.

For those starting out on their application development path, Open Automation Software is a great option. The OAS suite of products is very powerful and can accommodate your evolving needs and skills well into the future.

You can begin creating essential SCADA dashboards and applications from the get-go, and then as your skills develop, move up to creating more feature-rich applications.

You’ll be supported along the way with our extensive support options including online help, videos, demos and 1:1 support as required.

Features for non-programmers

  • Create standard WinForm and WPF applications using Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Blend development environments all without having to work directly with code
  • Create live HMI Dashboards for real-time data in just a few steps. The Live Data Dashboard template for WPF applications includes easy to use window navigation, user preference persistence, real-time data interface, gadgets, reports and document viewer, and real-time and historical trending and alarming.
  • One-click import solutions – Our ‘One-click Import’ feature automatically adds OPC items from OPC servers to import to your real time service ready to use data in any of the 15 OAS products. Its a great time saver and the perfect option for non-programmers.
  • Because OAS runs as a Windows Service it is very easy to deploy easy to develop, deploy and maintain. Networking is easy to setup with no DCOM. All communications occur over a standard internet connection with no DCOM and leverages the .NET framework built into the Windows operating system.

Video coming soon!

IIoT Software with Edge Computing Distributed Network Architecture

Connect Data Sources

Make virtually limitless connections from a huge range of data sources with OAS Universal Data Connector feature.

Universal Data Connector

Move Data

Move data quickly and securely and in an open format using our innovative Distributed Network Architecture.

Distributed Network Architecture

Create Applications

Create powerful .NET, web and cross-platform mobile HMI applications. Access OAS data from anywhere and from any device.

Application Development