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IIoT technology

The transport and logistics sector is at the forefront of growth in the IIoT.

Visibility & monitoring of the supply chain

Supplier communication and data sharing

Whether their focus is transportation logistics or production logistics, businesses can realize huge benefits by applying the IIoT within their business. The impetus for the uptake of IIoT technology comes from a range of sources. Customers and government regulation demand increased visibility and monitoring of the supply chain. In addition, the continued evolution of e-commerce has pushed the logistics function to extract greater efficiencies from existing systems. Supplier communication and data sharing are essential to the efficiency of any supply chain and the IIoT can play an essential role in facilitating these communications.

With the increasing quantities of data produced by business systems, logisticians will seek out tools that help them integrate, process and make sense of the data.

Featured Products

AWS IoT Gateway

Azure IoT Data Hub

Data Historian

IoT Network

Universal Data Connector


IIoT Software with Edge Computing Distributed Network Architecture

Connect Data Sources

Make virtually limitless connections from a huge range of data sources with OAS Universal Data Connector feature.

Universal Data Connector

Move Data

Move data quickly and securely and in an open format using our innovative Distributed Network Architecture.

Distributed Network Architecture

Create Applications

Create powerful .NET, web and cross-platform mobile HMI applications. Access OAS data from anywhere and from any device.

Application Development