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Extract maximum value from resource holdings

The mining sector has become increasingly reliant on IoT technologies to help extract maximum value from resource holdings.

Remote telemetry and data logging

Mining IIoT must be well designed and robust

Mine operations have become highly automated and integrated, with most modern mines removing workers from unsafe and inhospitable environments.

Remote telemetry and data logging have streamlined many aspects of mine operations and help gain real time insights not previously available. Environmental and safety regulations now require mine operators to adopt cleaner production technologies, many of which are reliant on IIoT technologies.

Another challenge faced by mining operators is the need to integrate devices and protocols from a wide range of vendors. Additional challenges are presented by older legacy technologies that must be integrated within the overall solution.

The huge volumes of data produced by IIoT systems needs to be processed and stored in ways that make it useable and meaningful within different levels of the organization. Mining IIoT must be well designed and robust so that there is minimal requirement for intervention.

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