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Oil and Gas

Increases in efficiency and new production techniques

Advances in technology have paved the way for each successive advance in oil and gas exploration, allowing for extraction of reserves once considered unviable.

Increase in efficiency and new production techniques

Edge computing capabilities

IIoT technology adoption in the oil and gas sector is rapidly gaining ground and will inevitably lead to increases in efficiency and new production techniques.

Oil and gas operations generate vast quantities of data that needs to be processed and warehoused ready for analysis.   Working with this data in the field however has always been a challenge due to remoteness and patchy network communications. Traditional cloud-based technology solutions are not suitable in these environments. In these situations edge computing capabilities are required.

The oil and gas industry operates in a highly volatile marketplace.  Fluctuations in oil and gas markets have driven companies to extract more value from their existing assets. Technology will play the key role in achieving these efficiencies.

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Dart Oil and Gas

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