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Frequently Asked Questions – Networking


Modify the file NetworkNodes.txt in the directory C:Program Files (x86)Open Automation SoftwareOPC Systems.NET with Notepad or a text editor.

Go to Configure-Options Networking and set the WCF Port Number.

View the following video for adjusting the client applications and how to adjust WCF port number in the realtime service and all client applications:

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Use the Live Data Cloud feature that is free to use.

How to host data from any Windows PC with a standard Internet connection.  No fixed IP Address or registered domain name required.

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No, all Open Automation Software client applications and services support Internet communications in Open Automation Software by default. You can deploy them as Smart Clients.

View the Remove OAS Service Access section is this file.

Try  If it works you can correct your hosts file where is shows localhost.

If you setup a large number of tags to be transferred via UDP Broadcast sent from or received on XP or Windows Server 2003 and the data is not transferred, but is with a small number of tags download and install the following Hotfix.