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Frequently Asked Questions – Reports


Use and RDL Report type.

Make sure to enable SSL and also set the outgoing port number to 465.

Make sure the date and time span or Query String is defined to return a subset of data instead of all of the data.

You can also reindex the database in SQL Server to run faster.

Reorganizing and Rebuilding Indexes

In MySQL create a separate user from root. You will uses this user in the string below.
DataBaseName=The database name of interest inside mySQL
MYSQLUserName = The MySQL username provided above
MYSQLUserNamePassword = The Password to the database for the username provided

No spaces between elements.

Database = DatatBaseName
Table = a table within the database.

Dataset should now show table elements.

The OAS Services by default run under the SYSTEM account.

The following link is a guide for setting up the printer driver to work with the SYSTEM account.