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Getting Started – WPF HMI Dashboard

  • A ready to go template with built in trending and alarming.
  • Template for developing new windows.
  • Designed to run on multiple PC’s that have different screen resolutions.
  • Provides 10 user customizable desktop displays based on user login.
  • User selections are persisted across all PC terminals.
  • Demonstrates the use of Open Automation Software Custom Objects.
  • Demonstrates how to theme an application.
  • Demonstrates the use and development of gadgets.
  • Demonstrates the use of styles in WPF.
  • A learning tool for developing your own WPF applications.
  • A Window for displaying Reports
  • A Window for displaying XPS documents
  • To download the HMI Dashboard Project go to Download Source Code Examples.
  • Once you have unzipped it you can open it with Visual Studio or Expression Blend.