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Software Summary



Real-time monitoring for radial and liner gauges. These are 100% managed .NET components that can be integrated into any Visual Studio.NET application with no cost for development. Communicate data over your company network and Internet to unlimited remote clients world wide.


  • Configure both local and remote OPC Systems Service configurations manually, with CSV Export and Import, or programmatically from your own application.
  • Control and modify Tag, Data Logging, Alarm Logging, Alarm Notification, Recipe, Report, and Security configurations along with and Options from your own application!
  • Unlimited remote clients.
  • Implement Smart Client deployment with 100% managed components.
  • Use Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008, and Expression Blend 4 to create your own applications.
  • Extremely fast data update with very low CPU usage.
  • Very cost effective solutions for both individual and corporate users.
  • Perfect solution for OEMs to create their own SCADA / HMI software to package with their systems.
  • Fast development time with no code required.
  • Easy setup of trending, alarming, data logging, reports, recipe management, and security in central configuration.
  • Use your own data from .NET applications.


  • All OPC Systems.NET components are Smart Client compatible.
  • Application execution on remote systems without installing the application on the remote systems.
  • Open Database Platforms (MS SQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, MySQL, MSMQ)
  • Up to 1 million points / second
  • Multiple logging methods
  • Local Data Buffering (Data assurance)
  • Able to reliably archive data form remote location with poor or unreliable network connections
  • Historical Data available to other applications via open database platform
  • Price / Point far less than any competitor
  • View in multiple platforms
  • Able to perform advanced calculations on live data prior to logging
  • Can be used as a stand alone historian or with other competing products
  • Better user experience than web browser applications.
  • Application updates to one directory and all remote systems are updated automatically.
  • Tighter security control than web browser applications using built in .NET Framework security.
  • Refer to our Smart Client on-line training video for easy to follow steps on deploying a Smart Client application.
  • Click here to launch a WPF Smart Client example and to view more information on Smart Client deployment.