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Why Open Automation Software

HMI OPC & SCADA Software – C# HMI, Controllogix Data Logging


Over the last 20 years OPEN Automation Software has been at the forefront of OPC, HMI, and SCADA Technology delivering companies the solutions and products they need to meet their needs.

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Open Automation Software was founded on the premise that OPC, HMI, and SCADA software should be open, reach beyond the control room, easy to implement and cost effective. With that in mind our product is designed

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With 15 features to choose from you only need to purchase what is relevant to your project.Connect to a variety of data sources such as OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Excel and .Net applications.

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With OPC Systems you can not only develop your HMI/SCADA solution with no coding required but you can created unlimited connections with drivers.

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By running as a Windows Service utilizing Windows Communication Foundation data is secure and reliable with a resolution to 100 nanoseconds.

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The initial cost of OPC Systems is far less than our competitors – but the savings don’t stop there. Easily and quickly develop world class OPC, HMI and SCADA systems using OPC Systems.NET and Visual

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Need Proof?

One more thing that sets OPC Systems.NET apart is that we don’t ask you to take our word for it.

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Easy Data Networking

Performance – Scan 1 million tags per server with 100 nanosecond resolution. Log 1 million tags per second to a SQL database.

Reliability – Windows service architecture – Always running / Data buffering at the source – Never lose data.

Flexibility – Access and share data from OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Files, Existing SCADA Systems, .NET apps, existing SCADA systems, Information Systems, and more.

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Build Data Connections

Scalability – Supports unlimited client applications / distributed architecture / live data cloud.

Secure Networking – Reliable data transport – WCF communications – data packets encrypted / fast / low bandwidth.

Open Software Development – Microsoft Visual Studio Development Environment for .NET Smart Client applications and open jQuery library for HTML5 – Create world-class HMI / SCADA applications.

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SCADA System Overview

Software Integration – Access proprietary data/ deliver data in an OPEN format / easier integration with business apps – MES, ERP, CMMS, .NET.

Economics – Quick to develop. Quick to deploy. Low cost – dramatically less than the competition.

Software Automation – One Click OPC – One Click Database, One Click HMI.

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