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General Dynamics

Open Automation Software are collecting high speed data from nuclear reactors and propulsion auxiliary system components.

The OAS data component is used to populate data from a custom Visual Studio application. OAS Controls.NET provides queuing from Visual Studio applications with resolution up to 100 nanoseconds. This is a perfect example of how OAS Systems.NET can be used to process proprietary data that is not from an OAS Server and share this custom data with other OAS Servers and Clients.

Remote OAS Systems.NET services then collect the data to log to an Oracle database using OAS Database.NET with no data loss on temporary network failure or database engine failures. Queuing and buffering is also supported in database connections to OAS Systems Services. The data from the custom Visual Studio application can also be monitored from other third party OAS Clients with the OAS Systems.NET OAS Server which is part of the OAS Client.NET feature.

OAS Systems.NET implements .NET communications for remote communications to eliminate the need for DCOM. All components of OAS Systems.NET are 100% managed so Visual Studio applications developed with OAS Systems.NET are easy to deploy and they themselves can also be 100% managed. OAS Database.NET can log to Oracle, SQL Server, Access, mySQL, and also CSV files.

“OAS Systems.NET is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and flexible OAS toolkit for the .NET developer.”

“Open Automation Software offers unparalleled customer support and timely, reasonably priced custom modifications which can stand up to the most challenging and unique automation programming tasks.”

– Philip Newman, General Dynamics – Electric Boat