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JBT AeroTech

JBT AeroTech has used OPC Systems.NET to create an airport monitoring system called iOPS (Intelligent Operations Performance System) Suite that links maintenance management systems and aircraft avionics data to critical ground-based monitoring, diagnostic and tracking systems on gate equipment, baggage handling systems, facility systems and ground support equipment. They have implemented data logging, alarm logging, web application HMI components, OPC communications, and .NET communications features of OPC Systems.NET.

iOPS is the culmination of many years of monitoring systems technology background, and combines Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Tracking, Monitoring, and equipment data into one real-time technology package. The system can be purchased or offered on a lease basis, thus delivering a range of benefits without a large cash outlay. JBT AeroTech will tailor the system to your specific needs, and implement according to your business processes.

Any one of the products that comprises the iOPS system will deliver a solid return on investment. However, when meshed together as iOPS, they are able to deliver ROI in a matter of months, as well as providing a range of intangible environmental and operational benefits.

iOPS Tracking and Monitoring provides initial impacts on operations:

* Reduction in APU usage
* Reduction in block time
* More equipment uptime
* Increased ramp personnel efficiency

iOPS Long-term impacts:
* Shortened aircraft turn time
* Better on-time rating
* Fewer missed connections
* Fewer Baggage files

Publish Date: October 7th 2008
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