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Built on Distributed Network architecture

Delivered in open , non-proprietary formats


Open Automation Software’s .NET product range empowers developers and non-programmers alike to create powerful HMI and SCADA applications.



Our HMI/SCADA products for .NET environments include:

Our WinForm HMI.NET product lets you create classic WinForm applications in VB and C# using Visual Studio HMI ) 100 managed components.

OAS includes approximately 25 controls for Winforms.

The WinForms HMI .NET product includes the Windows Services to read and write OPC Items and Tag Parameters and process data to unlimited local and remote applications developed with the OPC Controls components.

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The WPF HMI .NET product provides Human Machine Interface (HMI) .NET controls and real-time data communications components for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

HMI applications can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (or later) or Microsoft Expression Blend with no programming required.

Applications developed with OAS WPF HMI .NET can run locally and remotely.

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The OAS Trend .NET product provides real-time trending for WinForm and WPF applications and historical trending when combined with the product feature OAS Data Log.
OAS Trend .NET includes the windows services to provide real-time data, a .NET component to be used on local and remote systems to connect to the local windows service, and together with OAS Data Log provides historical replay to the OPCTrendControl component.

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The OAS Alarm .NET product provides real-time alarming for WinForm and WPF applications
Alarming can be enabled to monitor both analog and digital signals with fixed, adjustable, and tracking alarm limits. Alarm limits can be defined for high high, high, low, low low, rate of change, and digital alarms.

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The .NET Data Connector provides full programmatic access to read and write data in the OAS Service.  This is a great tool for programmers who want full programmatic access so they can:

  • Provide a fully customized user interface using live data with 3rd party controls
  • Read and write live data in  existing .NET application
  • Perform internal analysis of the live data and present the results or perform calculations on the data within the application
  • Create a Windows service to move or manipulate the data.

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PCL for Android and iOS lets you create Cross Platform Applications with OAS Portable Class Libraries.

Build iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps in a familiar .NET environment – all with a single shared code base!

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Open Automation Software’s web application development tools for HMI and SCADA let you create world class industrial automation applications.


Our HMI/SCADA products for Web environments include:

The OAS Web HMI product allows you to create user interfaces to display and interact with real time data, enabling a whole range of applications on any device with a web browser. By utilizing standard, platform-agnostic technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and JSON, web developers can quickly create new interfaces or integrate Live and Historical data into existing web applications with minimal effort.
Getting started with Web HMI is as simple as including the Javascript reference libraries on a web page and adding markup to HTML elements. Our custom attributes add behaviors to display data values, alter appearance, or even toggle element visibility, all based on real time data streamed from an OAS Server.

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The OAS Web Trend product allows you to display real time and historical data in an trend format on any device with a web browser.

Getting started with Web Trend is as simple as including the Javascript reference libraries on a web page along with some small code snippets to configure trend points rendering and to process incoming data streams.

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The OAS Web Alarm product allows you to display real time and historical alarms in an interactive table, viewable on any device with a web browser.

By utilizing standard, platform-agnostic technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and JSON, web developers can create useful operator dashboards for managing system alarms.

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HTTP API JSON Connector allows you to connect Applications and Data Sources using standard web technologies.

Developers need options and flexibility in their tools. When creating distributed network applications, many frameworks and technologies often come into play, so open standards and ubiquitous tools are critical for solving problems.

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REST Connector allows you to connect Data Sources using the REST API.

REST has become an accepted way of integrating internet applications and separating system components into logical, discrete services.

Because they closely represent a system’s public data model, REST APIs are simple to understand. Also, being built upon standard web technologies like HTTP and JSON, they are a natural fit for developing robust web application architectures.

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IoT Data Automation

Harness your data with Open Automation Software data automation products.

Data is delivered right from the source with queuing and store and forward features enabling reliable movement of data from anywhere to anywhere.

Our Data Automation products include:

The OAS Data Logging product allows you to log data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MySQL, Azure SQL and CSV files based on event, continuously, time of day, or on data change in both wide and narrow table formats.

The data source can be local or remote without exposing your database. Allows for moving data to stored procedures. Includes nanosecond resolution and data buffering for accurate, secure and reliable data logging for up to 1 million data points per service.

Combine Data logging with the Trend and Reporting products for complete Data Historian at a fraction of the cost of other historian products.

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With Allen Bradley Data Historian you can log all of your Allen Bradley PLC data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL, and CSV files.

Supports AB Logix (ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, and Micro800) and AB Classic (MicroLogix, SLC 500, and PLC-5).

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With Siemens Data Historian you can log all of your Siemens S7 Controller data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL, and CSV files.

Supports Siemens Controllers S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500

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With Modbus Data Historian you can log all of your Modbus data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL, and CSV files. Supports a wide range of Modbus communication types.

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SQL Azure Data Logging allows you to Log Big Data to Microsoft SQL Azure Databases.

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SQL Azure Alarm Logging lets you Log Alarms to Microsoft SQL Azure Databases.

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The OAS Report product provides the Report Designer for easily creating reports from data logged with OAS Data Log or OAS Alarm .NET or other database information.

These reports are then executed from selectable execution types such as event driven from a Tag, continuous as a specified frequency, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly.  Formats include text file, Image, pdf, html, Microsoft Excel, XML, RTF (Microsoft Word) or directly to a printer.

Filter constraints can be added for filtering data to previous hour, current hour, previous day, current day, previous week, current week, previous month, current month, or custom queries that can be dynamic based on live data or user input. The reports can be automatically be emailed to recipients.

You can also use an Open Automation Software Tag value with a string data type as a dynamic query string to filter based on any live data values.

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The OAS Recipe product provides data transfer from databases. The data target can be from local or remote OAS Services of Tag Parameter Values. The execution can be continuous up to 1 second speed, event driven from a Tag Parameter value, or at a specific time of day.

The database providers can be SQL Server, SQL Server Desktop (MSDE), Access, Oracle, mySQL, or ODBC. OAS Recipe supports static or dynamic queries from other data sources such as device or operator input from your user interface.

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The OAS Excel Connector product provides connectivity to Microsoft Excel Workbooks for both read and write functionality. The OAS Excel Connector can interface with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and above.

Each licensed service for OAS Excel Connector can support unlimited local and remote Excel Workbooks. You can even have Excel Workbooks access data from OPC Servers over the Internet. All other data sources with their respective product features are also supported like OPC Clients, databases, and .NET applications.

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IoT Data Connector allows you to connect data sources and applications to Azure IoT and Amazon IoT.

If you want to move data from your local or remote data sources to (or from) an IoT infrastructure this is the product.

It doesn’t matter what the data source – you can move it to MQTT Brokers, Azure IoT Hubs or AWS IoT devices.

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IoT Communications

Open Automation Software provides the tools to move data from anywhere to anywhere – over your LAN, WAN, Intranet, or the Internet with 100 nanosecond resolution.

Service to Service and Service to Client communications uses WCF with encrypted and compressed packets for low network usage and high speed.

Our Data Communications products include:

All OAS products include advanced performance networking built in with a lightweight protocol with transport on encrypted and compressed packets.

The built in network features can be used individually or together to transfer data reliably and securely through the most complex networks.

OAS IoT Distributed Network Architecture delivers live and historical data at a much faster rate with a higher accuracy of data validation that all other open and proprietary cloud based networks.

Data can be hosted right at the data source even with a dynamic IP address or standard Internet connection.

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The Universal Data Connector is at the core of the OAS product suite allowing the movement of data from anywhere to anywhere.

The Universal Data Connector enables almost limitless connections from a wide range of data sources to industry standard databases and .NET and web applications. All interfaces provide direct access to data without the need for proprietary plug ins.

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The OAS Allen Bradley Data Connector allows you to connect directly to Allen Bradley controllers with the built in ABLogix and ABClassic Driver Interfaces which support communications over Ethernet to ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, and Micro800 with the ABLogix driver, and MicroLogix, SLC 500, and PLC-5 with the ABClassic driver.

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The OAS Siemens Data Connector allows you to connect directly to Siemens controllers with the built in Siemens Driver Interfaces which support communications over Ethernet to S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500.

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The OAS Modbus Data Connector allows you to connect directly to Modbus slave devices with the built in Modbus Driver Interface which supports communications over Ethernet and Serial interfaces with Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus ASCII protocols.

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The OAS MQTT Data Connector allows you to connect to MQTT devices and software brokers with the built in MQTT Driver Interface.

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The OPC Client Connector product enables unlimited local and remote OPC Clients to communicate with a licensed OAS Service. This design allows unlimited OPC Client connections while maintaining only one OPC connection to the local OPC Servers.

Also third party .NET data can be added to the real-time database using OPC .NET WinForm HMI .NET, OAS WPF HMI .NET, or OPC Mobile.NET, and read only data from databases of SQL Server, Oracle, or Access can be integrated with OAS Recipe.

Data from Microsoft Excel can be enabled for read and write functions using OAS Excel Connector. OPC Client Connector eliminates the need for remote DCOM configuration as all communications is performed using .NET, not DCOM.

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The OPC Tunnel Connector allows an OAS Service to write values from any Tag Parameter to an OPC Item in an OPC Server. This simplifies remote networking by installing the OAS Service at each OPC Server system and takes advantage of the built in WCF communications in Open Automation Software.

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Create a world-class IoT with
Open Automation Software


Connect to almost any industrial data source – controllers, frameworks, protocols and databases. Sources include:

  • Modbus
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • OPTO
  • OPC
  • .NET
  • REST
  • Java Script
  • MQTT
  • Excel
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • mySQL
  • Access
  • Azure IoT
  • Amazon Web Services
  • and more…


Data processing and logging occurs live at source with full store and forward, meaning there’s no data loss on network failure. All data is rendered in an open format with resolution down to 100 nanoseconds.


With Live Data Cloud you can host live data with any Windows PC. Avoid risk of data loss on network failure that can occur with typical cloud architectures. Networking features let you forward, redirect, and host data at the data source.  Send and receive data through any corporate network securely, with or without the Internet.


A lightweight protocol with compressed, securely encrypted data packets. Quality of data is assured with full client and server confirmation of delivery of data end to end. Create as many security profiles as needed.


Visualize, analyze and deploy data within your organization to your existing platform of choice.  Web, Windows, Smartphones, databases, and a variety of file formats. OAS provides developers and system integrators full programmatic access to data and configuration in an open format.

Cost-effective Licensing

OAS licensing is based on three simple factors:

  1. The number of tags you need to connect to
  2. The number of OAS products needed to connect your data sources
  3. Whether you need a networked or stand-alone system

You can deploy unlimited client applications for each Distributed Network Architecture enabled server.

Stand Alone systems
start at
Networked unlimited user systems
start at

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Create powerful .NET, web and cross-platform mobile HMI applications. Access OAS data from anywhere and from any device.

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