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Open Automation Software Introduction Videos


Introduction to Open Automation Software. SCADA / HMI software for Windows and open platform...

Quick Start Guide

Quick overview of products, where to download, and reference to help file which is...

Networking - LAN, WAN, and Internet

Easy Networking

How to network all products to central service using a fixed IP Address or...

Internet of Things

How to implement Internet of Things Live Data Cloud using Open Automation Software.

One Way Networks

How to transfer data through networks with one way communication diodes.

Live Data Cloud

How to host data from any Windows PC with a standard Internet connection. No...

Portable Class Libraries

One Click - Automated Setup

One Click OPC

Automatically setup the realtime database from OPC Servers in one step.

One Click Database

Automatically setup data logging to SQL Server of all data from Kepware OPC Server...

One Click SCADA

Automatically setup Tags, Alarm Limits, Data Logging, Trending, Alarming, and HMI Smart Client in...

One Click HMI

Smart Client application that will display all data from any Open Automation Software .NET data...

Data Sources

Data Sources

Overview of the most common data sources for Open Automation Software .NET products.

OPC Servers

How to connect to OPC Servers for all products. Refer to One Click OPC...

.NET Applications

How to make any .NET application a live data source to all products. Also...


How to setup continuous and event data transfer from SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and...

Microsoft Excel

How to connect Microsoft Excel to any data source and share data with any...

OPC Clients

How to connect third party OPC Clients for both local and Internet connections.


How to setup math equations and logic as a Data Source with the built...

Data Logging

One Click Database

Automatically setup data logging to SQL Server of all data from Kepware OPC Server...

Setup Data Logging

How to setup Data Logging Groups for Continous, Event, Data Change, and Snapshot recording....

Update Records

How to set up Data Logging to update existing records based on dynamic query...

Data Buffering

How to setup data logging so there is no data loss on a network...

Alarms - Logging, Notification, and Windows Applications

Alarm Limits

How to setup alarm limits in real-time tag configuration.

Alarm Logging

How to setup alarm logging to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL.

.NET Alarm Window

How to add an alarm windows to WPF and WinForm applications for local and...


Historical Reports

How to create reports for automated report generation from database sources to PDF, HTML,...



How to create Web HMI applications. Live example at

Web HMI Wizard

How to use the Web HMI Wizard to generate HTML code to enable HTML elements...

Web HMI Demonstration

Demonstration of Web HMI for live data using HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and JSON.

Web Alarm

Demonstration of HTML5 Web Alarm window for live and historical SCADA alarms demonstration.


Expression Blend for WPF

How to use Expression Blend, and review the advantages for creating graphic applications compatible...

WPF HMI Graphics

How to create graphic operator interface applications with WPF HMI.NET and Expression Blend.

WPF Radial Gauge

How to integrate the radial gauge control into a WPF dashboard application.

WPF Linear Gauge

How to integrate the linear gauge control into a WPF dashboard application.

WPF Bar Graph

How to integrate a bar graph into a WPF dashboard application.

WPF Pie Chart

How to integrate live pie chart into a WPF dashboard application.

WPF Circular Data

How to integrate circular data control into a WPF dashboard application.

WPF Templates

How to use the simple WPF templates. The Live Data Dashboard is the most...

WinForm HMI

WinForm HMI

How to create classic WinForm HMI applications using  Winform HMI.NET.

WinForm Gauges

How to add a realtime gauge control to a WinForm HMI application.

WinForm MDI Template

How to use the Multi Document Interface template for creating simple WinForm applications.

Smart Clients / .NET Target Framework / HMI Symbols

Free HMI Symbols

Where to download free HMI Symbols. Both WPF HMI and Web HMI can use any...


Security Setup

How to setup security for Open Automation Software in the service and in client applications.


Espanol Basic SCADA

Esta es una presentación básica de Open Automation Software sobre la forma más rápida de...