Open Automation Software
Moving Data From Anywhere to Anywhere

Key Features

OPC Mobile Data .NET Component for easy reading and writing data values from local and remote OPC Systems Tags and OPC Server Items.

  • OPC Mobile PictureBox .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile RadioButton .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile StatusBar .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile TextBox .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile TrackBar .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile VScrollBar .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile Panel .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile Button .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile CheckBox .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile ComboBox .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile HScrollBar .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile Label .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile ListBox .NET Component.
  • OPC Mobile NumericUpDown .NET Component.
  • Change BackColor, ForeColor, Text, Tag, Enabled, Visible, Size, Location Properties from any local and remote Tag with no programming.
  • Write values to Tags from Button Click, TextBox Enter, CheckBox Click, RadioButton ChangeChecked, ListBox SelectionChange, ComboBox SelectionChange, HScrollBar, VScrollBar, NumericUpDown, and TrackBar ValueChange with no code.
  • All Properties can be set directly or programmatically set in code if desired.
  • OPC Mobile.NET components can access remote Tag Parameters for values and alarm limits.
  • OPC Web Controls.NET components can access both local and remote Tag Parameters for values and alarm limits.
  • Bad Quality colors and text properties are available for indication of Bad Quality of data.
  • Data component has easy to use Add and Remove Tag methods to setup data change event for asynchronous data values. Support on-line modification for all properties.


  • Configure both local and remote OPC Systems Service configurations manually, with CSV Export and Import, or programmatically from your own application.
  • Control and modify Tag, Data Logging, Alarm Logging, Alarm Notification, Recipe, Report, and Security configurations along with and Options from your own application!
  • Unlimited remote clients.
  • Use Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008 to create your own applications.
  • Extremely fast data update with very low CPU usage.
  • Very cost effective solutions for both individual and corporate users.
  • Perfect solution for OEMs to create their own SCADA / HMI software to package with their systems.
  • Fast development time with no code required.
  • Easy setup of trending, alarming, data logging, reports, recipe management, and security in central configuration.
  • Use your own data from .NET applications.
Supports free connections to OPC Servers supporting OPC Data Access Specifications 2.x or 3.0.
License allows unlimited local and remote WinForm application connections.
Data source for each Tag can be a fixed value, local or remote OPC Item, or another local or remote Tag Parameter.
Calculations are also a possible data source allowing real-time equations using library of math, logical, and string functions together with local and remote Tags.
Implements .NET Remoting thus eliminating the need for DCOM configuration by connecting all OPC Servers locally with each OPC Systems Service.
Supports on-line modification while the system is running. add, modify, and remove Tags.
Includes free programmatic interface to define configurations from your own Visual Studio application.
Unique Multi-Threaded application service providing real-time data to local and remote .NET components.