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Portable Class Libraries

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An Easier Way to Build
Cross-Platform HMI and SCADA Applications

In the past, developing native HMI and SCADA applications for multiple platforms such as iOS and Android from a single code base had been a challenge. If developers wanted to build cross-platform HMI and SCADA applications they usually had to create and maintain a separate project file for each platform they wanted to target, or develop and host a web application to support the various platforms.

Now for .NET developers these constraints are a thing of the past. Latest generation IDEs such as Xamarin for Visual Studio, or the standalone Xamarin Studio overcome this problem with Portable Class Libraries (PCL). The Xamarin product is specifically aimed at developing cross-platform mobile applications.

How to use PCLs

Using PCLs, .NET developers can now build true cross-platform HMI apps from within a single solution. To begin working with PCLs simply create a solution in Visual Studio and select the platforms to target. The resulting .NET assemblies can be used across CLI platforms such as Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

Open Automation Software PCL for creating Cross-Platform HMI and SCADA Applications

Open Automation Software, in keeping with its mission ‘moving data from anywhere to anywhere’, has been at the forefront of implementing PCL support in the HMI/SCADA space.

OAS now ships with the necessary PCL assemblies making it easier and quicker to create your own fully native HMI and SCADA applications for iOS and Android.


To develop your own HMI and SCDA applications for iOS and Android you will need access to the Xamarin IDE. Xamarin Studio is available as a free standalone download or is also included free with Visual Studio.

Download Xamarin here.

With OAS tags and networking configured you simply add references in Visual Studio to the OAS PCL assemblies located in your Open Automation Software installation directory. You can read a comprehensive tutorial here or watch the video.

Create iOS and Android Native Apps with PCL

Ready to build cross platform HMI apps?

If you haven’t already experienced the capabilities of Open Automation Software download a fully functional trial version today. Or if you prefer book a live demonstration with one of our sales team by calling  1-303-679-0898.

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