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Siemens IoT Communication Driver
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Product Overview

The OAS Siemens Data Connector allows you to connect directly to Siemens controllers with the built in Siemens Driver Interfaces which support communications over Ethernet to S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500.

What Our SIEMENS Data Automation Software Can Do For Your Business

SIEMENS Controllers

Easily add SIEMENS communications in Real-Time Automation with just 1 click! Hosting SIEMENS live data has never been any easier.

S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 

SIEMENS controller support for data automation.

High Speed Communications

Communication update rates for Ethernet are typically 15 milliseconds per packet.

Easy Setup

Setup communications to multiple devices, and multiple registers in minutes.

SIEMENS Data Communications

Connect your SIEMENS communications like never before in Real-Time. Sending data from anywhere to anywhere using OPC Systems.NET

SIEMENS Ethernet

You can run multiple Ethernet connections in parallel to provide the fastest overall communications possible.

Access Siemens Data Anywhere!

  • Directly access SIEMENS compatible devices from anywhere.
  • Host live SIEMENS data over the internet with any PC and a standard internet connection.

  • Remote Data Logging of SIEMENS data to SQL Server in an open format – log 1 million values per second

  • Highly secure remote data logging over the internet to a centralized PC.

  • Parallel processing for high speed data throughput for Ethernet devices.

 1 Click Access to Data!

  • Setup SIEMENS addressing programmatically or with Microsoft Excel simple import and export.
  • View and control data for SIEMENS directly from your Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows PC.
  • Create Visual Dashboards of Live SIEMENS Data with Microsoft Visual Studio!
  • Integrate Live SIEMENS Data with other SCADA / HMI platforms.
  • Connect Live Data to any .NET application with the .NET connector

  • .NET Applications – The .NET Data Connector provides read and write access to data programmatically via C# or VB code in a .NET application.
  • .NET WPF HMI Applications – Use WPF HMI .NET to create HMI visualizations for WPF Smart Clients
  • .NET WinForm HMI Applications – Use WinForm HMI .NET to create HMI visualizations for WinForm Smart Clients
  • .NET Trending Application – Use Trend .NET for real-time trending for WinForm and WPF applications and historical trending when combined with OAS Data Historian.
  • .NET Alarming Applications – Use Alarm .NET for real-time alarming for WinForm and WPF applications and historical alarming with alarm notification via email, SMS text, and voicemail.
  • Javascript – With the HTTP API Connector you can connect to jQuery and JSON data sources
  • REST – With the REST API Connector you can connect to data sources via the REST API
  • Web-based HMI Applications – Use Web HMI to create cross-platform HMI apps
  • Web-based Trending Aplicatons – Use Web Trend to create cross-platform trending apps
  • Web-based Alarming Applications – Use Web Alarm to create cross-platform alarm apps
  • iOS and Android HMI Apps – Use PCL for Android and iOS to create iOS and Android applications for live data.
  • Data Historian – With OAS Data HIstorian you can log data to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL, SQL Azure and CSV files.
  • Reports – With OAS Reports you can create reports from OAS data logging products or other databases. Generate reports as Word, Excel, PDF, HTML or Email.
  • Universal Driver Interface – Use C# or VB.NET to integrate your own data model into OAS for realtime data access.
  • Allen Bradley – Use the Allen Bradley IoT Driver to connect to ControlLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix, Micro800, MicroLogix, SLC 500, and PLC-5. Add Allen Bradley Data Historian to log data to industry standard databases.
  • Siemens – Use the Siemens IoT Driver to connect to S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500. Add Siemens Data Historian to log data to industry standard databases.
  • Modbus – Use the Modbus IoT Driver to connect to Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and Modbus ASCII all supported on Ethernet, RS-232 Serial, and RS-485 Serial. Add Modbus Data Historian to log data to industry standard databases.
  • MQTT – With the MQTT IoT Connector you can subscribe to MQTT Brokers.
  • Amazon Web Services – With the AWS IoT Gateway driver you can subscribe to AWS for live data updates.
  • Excel – Use the Excel Connector to use Microsoft Excel as data source
  • Industry Standard Databases – Use the Recipe Connector to connect to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL databases
  • Industry Standard SCADA Systems – Use the Universal Data Connector to connect to Wonderware, WinCC, RSView and Cimplicty
  • OPC Client – Use the OPC Client Connector to connect to third party OPC Clients
  • OPC Servers – Connect to OPC UA and Classic OPC DA 2.0 and 3.0 OPC Servers. Use the OPC Tunnel Connector to automatically transfer data from any Data Source to third party OPC Server or OAS IoT Driver.
  • Microsoft Azure – Use the SQL Azure Data Logging and SQL Azure Alarm Logging products to connect to Microsoft Azure SQL Databases
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Data Hub – Transfer any Data Source to Azure IoT Data Hub using the OPC Tunnel Connector

Edge Computing with OAS Distributed Network Architecture

Cost-effective Licensing

OAS licensing is based on three simple factors:

  1. The number of tags you need to connect to
  2. The number of OAS products needed to connect your data sources
  3. Whether you need a networked or stand-alone system

You can deploy unlimited client applications for each Distributed Network Architecture enabled server.

Unlimited Connections

OAS Introduction

IIoT Software with Edge Computing Distributed Network Architecture

Connect Data Sources

Make virtually limitless connections from a huge range of data sources with OAS Universal Data Connector feature.

Universal Data Connector

Move Data

Move data quickly and securely and in an open format using our innovative Distributed Network Architecture.

Distributed Network Architecture

Create Applications

Create powerful .NET, web and cross-platform mobile HMI applications. Access OAS data from anywhere and from any device.

Application Development