Open Automation Software
Moving Data From Anywhere to Anywhere

Key Features



  • OPC Gauge.NET components are for use in developing local and remote Visual Studio.NET 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005 applications.
  • Drag and drop components onto forms with no programming required, just define the properties.
  • 100% managed OPC Gauge.NET components.
  • Each gauge can support up to 4 axis with up to 4 needles and 5 ranges per axis for a total of 16 values per gauge.
  • OPC Gauge.NET components can access both local and remote Tag Parameters for values and alarm limits.
  • Full programmatic support on-line modification for all properties.


  • Supports free connections to OPC Servers supporting OPC Data Access Specifications 2.x or 3.0.
  • License allows unlimited local and remote WinForm application connections.
  • Data source for each Tag can be a fixed value, local or remote OPC Item, or another local or remote Tag Parameter.
  • Calculations are also a possible data source allowing real-time equations using library of math, logical, and string functions together with local and remote Tags.
  • Implements .NET Remoting thus eliminating the need for DCOM configuration by connecting all OPC Servers locally with each OPC Systems Service.
  • Supports on-line modification while the system is running. add, modify, and remove Tags.
  • Includes free programmatic interface to define configurations from your own Visual Studio application.
  • Supports DirectOPC pass through to connect directly to OPC Servers with dynamic tag addressing from client applications.
  • Unique Multi-Threaded application service providing real-time data to local and remote .NET components.