Create cross-platform web application interfaces to
display and interact with real time server data


Everything you need to build world-class SCADA, HMI, .NET, and Web Applications quickly. Without touching a line of code!


With OAS Web HMI, you can create user interfaces to display and interact with real time server data, enabling a whole range of applications on any device with a web browser.

By utilizing standard, platform-agnostic technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, and JSON, web developers can quickly create new HTML5 SCADA interfaces or integrate Web HMI functionality into existing web applications with minimal effort.


Live example at www.opcweb.com.

Getting started with Web HMI

Getting started with Web HMI is as simple as including the Javascript reference libraries on a web page and adding markup to HTML elements.

Our custom attributes add behaviors to display data values, alter appearance, or even toggle element visibility, all based on real time data streamed from an OPC Server.

For more complex control and advanced application functionality, developers familiar with Javascript and JQuery can programmatically interact with the real time data using the Web HMI library. With OAS you can develop feature rich HTML5 SCADA applications using open standards and technologies.

By utilizing standard web technologies, Web HMI supports user interface development on any web platform such as ASP.NET, .NET MVC, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, and more.


webhmisyntax01 webhmisyntax02

Data  Sources:




  • HMI Web controls for real-time operator interface
  • Real-time jQuery Interface
  • Update any HTML element with live data
  • Create live HMTL5 SCADA Web Applications
  • Use any HTML editor including notepad
  • See it in action at www.opcweb.com

Cost-effective Licensing

OAS licensing is based on three simple factors:

  1. The number of tags you need to connect to
  2. The number of OAS products needed to connect your data sources
  3. Whether you need a networked or stand-alone system

You can deploy unlimited client applications for each Distributed Network Architecture enabled server.

Networked unlimited user systems
start at


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The Possibilities are Endless!

Connect Data Sources

Make virtually limitless connections from a huge range of data sources with OAS Universal Data Connector feature.

Universal Data Connector

Move Data

Move data quickly and securely and in an open format using our innovative Distributed Network Architecture.

Distributed Network Architecture

Create Applications

Create powerful .NET, web and cross-platform mobile HMI applications. Access OAS data from anywhere and from any device.

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